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"We bought our lake house last year and were very surprised to find it had an active leak in the roof.  Chuck Gregory got over to my house and put a tarp on the roof the same day.   He and his team put a beautiful new 30 year roof on my house for a reasonable price and included some smaller jobs in the package.  He knew I needed the roof immediately, but did not inflate the price and did a great job.  Since then, his company has done several smaller jobs for me, surely, at a smaller profit.  He is just a full service kind of contractor.  The next time I have a large job, I know I will go to Wallenpaupack Custom Builders."

Jill and Rick Rosenthal

"Finding a trustworthy reputable Contractor today isn't easy.  When you are lucky enough to find such a Contractor....you stick with them!  I have personally used Chuck and Troy for remodeling jobs and construction jobs for my personal house as well as for my clients and I feel very confident recommending him to anyone that wants a QUALITY home or work completed."

Larisa Jackson, Coldwell Banker Lakeview Realtors

"In 2008 my wife and I chose Wallenpaupack Custom Builders after talking to 6 different builders when we decided to relocate from Philadelphia to the Poconos and build a new home.  I think why we chose WCB and what separated them from the others were 2 main points:


  1. Their willingness to build OUR house and not theirs.  We made a lot of changes to the floor plan of their standard home to suit our desires.  Change after change, room by room, window by window, until it was complete.  After months of working with us and answering questions, drawing and redrawing floor plans, we signed the contract with them and they built our house from groundbreaking to completion in a little over 6 months….just what they told us.  Keep in mind they did all of this floor plan-design work for us BEFORE we signed a contract with them and at no charge.
  2. The second thing we found amazing was that while other builders were trying sell us on upgrades, Chuck and Troy knew we were on a strict budget and did just the opposite: they gave us options on how to save money and still build the house we wanted.


After a year had passed and we neared the end of our warranty, WCB came back to fix very minor repairs that all new houses need as they settle…at no charge.  They fulfilled their warranty long after they received our final payment.


And let me add one more thing in conclusion-

During the months my home was being built I talked to a lot of people who had built their own homes at one time or another with other builders.  Almost all of them said, “It’s a nightmare dealing with builders, isn’t it?”  And my answer was always the same during the entire time my home was being built, “No, not at all.  I like my builders.” 

And 4+ years later, I still do.  I’m glad we chose them and we absolutely love our home.


Good luck on your future home and whichever builder you ultimately choose"


Ronnie and Angelisa Bowman


Wallenpaupack Lake Estates


Written: March 2012.


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